Privacy Policy

> This Privacy Policy explains how the Company treats your information and protects
your privacy when you Use the Software & Services and the rights and options available
to you regarding your information. Company believes that you have a right to know
our practices regarding the information We may collect and use when you Use the
Software & Services. The Software & Services may include various features and content
that are offered and delivered to you by us , as well as features and content that you may
choose to add “Content”.

Our app uses permission for providing more functionallity to user permissions like :

– read & write external storage,
– Location

When you Use the Software & Services, we automatically collect and store the following
types of information:.

1. Usage Information :
– Certain usage related information regarding your use and interaction
with your device, including the Software & Services and Other Software, such as
when and how you Use the Software & Services and Other Software, how you use your
internet browser and internet search related applications, the web pages you visit
and the content you see, access and utilize on such web pages;
– for example, offerings
and advertisements that you view, use and access, how you use them and your response
to them, how frequently you use them, your search queries and the time and date
of your searches;

2.Technical Information :
– Certain technical information regarding your device, and
your Use of the Software & Services and other third party software and applications
installed on your device (the “Other Software”), including the type, name and version
of operating system and Other Software including, without limitation, their interactions
with the Software & Services, ISP (Internet Service Provider), location, Internet
protocol (IP) address, anonymous user identifiers, device configuration and identifiers
(IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers used in IOS), Advertising ID (Identifier for Advertisers
used in Android) and the like), version of the Software & Services, and your configuration
and settings of the Software & Services;

3. Support Related Information :
– If you communicate with Us via our support section
or via email, we may also collect your email address, name and any information voluntarily
submitted by you in connection with such support (for example, your name, company
name, and particular support query or request).
– Such information will only be used
to provide you with support services and will not be connected with any other information
collected from you on or through the Software & Services, including, any individual
User ID (as defined below) generated or collected by us. When you Use the Software
& Services, We automatically generate an anonymous internal user ID (which does
not personally identify you), which is assigned to your use of the Software & Services
(the “User ID”) and may be combined with any of the above information.
– While it
is not our intention to collect any personally identifiable information (“PII”)
(except for registration and user support purposes as set forth in this Privacy
Policy), the data collected may include PII.
– As part of our privacy measures, we
implement certain rules designed to avoid the unintentional collection of PII such
as email addresses, social security numbers, credit card numbers, login information
– our rules are based on known field types, parameters, values and algorithms
but they are not foolproof and hence the Software & Services may sometimes, unintentionally,
collect unwanted information. We regularly examine and update these rules.

Third-Party Content.

Certain Software & Services may include and/or enable you to add Content to them.
The Content may be in the form of apps, buttons, gadgets, links to third party advertisements,
websites, products and services (including search services) as well as additional
means that are provided to you by third parties (collectively, “Third Party Content
and Services”). The use of such Third Party Content and Services is subject to their
privacy policies. In addition, the Company provides such third parties with a large
number of tools to enable them to create interesting and unique apps, buttons, and
gadgets using the Company’s platform. Some of these tools may give these third parties
the ability to access, collect, store, and/or share your information – both your
PII and non-personally identifiable information. In order to clarify, we do not
review, approve, monitor, endorse, warrant, or make any representations with respect
to such Third Party Content and Services and your access to any Third Party Content
and Services is at your own risk. We are not responsible for the information contained
and/or made available through, the practices of, or your use or inability to use
such Third Party Content and Services. You expressly relieve us from any and all
liability arising from your use of such Third Party Content and Services. We recommended
that you read the terms, conditions and privacy policies of such Third Party Content
and Services before using or accessing any of them.

We ensure that we are not shared your personal information with any one else.

By using our app that considered as you are agreed to our privacy policy.

Contact our Company :

If you have any questions or concerns with respect to any matter covered by this
Privacy Policy, you may contact Us.

Thank you for use our apps. !